Saturday, September 29, 2007

I've Been tagged!!

In the BLOG world if you are tagged, you have to tag 8 others and tell 8 things about yourself.

I have been tagged my a fellow photographer in Georgia!
Thanks Andrea, now I have to think of 8 things about myself and tell it to the world!!

** Growing up I always wanted to be an actress. Always loved drama in highshcool.

** I dont watch a lot of t.v but when do I love to sit down and watch a little
family feud.

** I have never been on an airplane, I am chicken.
The farthest I have been is Florida and we drove.

** I love chinese food.

** I have 3 dogs, Mickey, Minnie and Daisy.

** I am a huge KEITH URBAN fan!! YES proud to say it... so ya, now you know where the name came from! He's very inspiring... OK so I am obsessed... seen him 15 times.. My Daughter got pulled up on stage and got a kiss from him... patiently waiting for mine..I encourage you to go see him if he's near! He's in Ontario in December 2007!

**My Husband and I were together 10 years and engaged 7 years before finally getting married last year.

**I met with another photographer this summer from Indiana for the first time and we clicked... she's like a sister to me.. love her and her family. Hope to continue seeing her every year from now on. Love ya Mel!

there ya have it!

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