Thursday, November 13, 2008

Give the Gift of Christmas

I know everyone is starting to shop and stress about what someone wants or needs.
Give a Gift Certificate this year.
Puchase a Gift Certificate for $100.00 or more and I will add $50.00 to it!!!
Christmas is all about giving is'nt it?

Lets get in the spirit! (w/out the snow remember)

Valid until Christmas Eve, but waiting until the very last minute is not recommended.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mason Sneak Peek

This little princess loves the camera.
I had a session with her little brother in the spring and its taken this long for her turn to shine!
Here is your sneak peek!

Darian Sneak Peek!

Mom was wondering if this session was going to happen. We had this session booked and twice had to cancel from cold or rain. Thankfully The beautiful weather came back and we were able to get this little guy out in the sunshine. I told you there is not going to be winter.
So sweet.. and full of smiles.
Here is your sneak peek!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

V Family Sneak Peek!

Well here we are in Nov and are still lucky to have color and sunshine! The sky was amazing today.
I am in NO rush for snow.. it's pretty and love taking pictures in it.. but I love heat, and it's no fun to drive in.. so if we can go w/out this year.. I wont complain... ok.. how about Christmas day ONLY!
Family Sessions, the rush for Christmas Cards and Gift Certificates has begun.
Here is your sneak peek!