Saturday, September 29, 2007

I've Been tagged!!

In the BLOG world if you are tagged, you have to tag 8 others and tell 8 things about yourself.

I have been tagged my a fellow photographer in Georgia!
Thanks Andrea, now I have to think of 8 things about myself and tell it to the world!!

** Growing up I always wanted to be an actress. Always loved drama in highshcool.

** I dont watch a lot of t.v but when do I love to sit down and watch a little
family feud.

** I have never been on an airplane, I am chicken.
The farthest I have been is Florida and we drove.

** I love chinese food.

** I have 3 dogs, Mickey, Minnie and Daisy.

** I am a huge KEITH URBAN fan!! YES proud to say it... so ya, now you know where the name came from! He's very inspiring... OK so I am obsessed... seen him 15 times.. My Daughter got pulled up on stage and got a kiss from him... patiently waiting for mine..I encourage you to go see him if he's near! He's in Ontario in December 2007!

**My Husband and I were together 10 years and engaged 7 years before finally getting married last year.

**I met with another photographer this summer from Indiana for the first time and we clicked... she's like a sister to me.. love her and her family. Hope to continue seeing her every year from now on. Love ya Mel!

there ya have it!

Friday, September 28, 2007


Great for the Family just looking for a nice image for a Christmas Card or just a nice picture of the kids that has'nt been taken for a while. 30-45 minute sessions.
Kids feel free to bring your Halloween Costumes if you want.
Call to Book your time and I will see ya there!
click on poster below for more info.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The Cutest Kid Contest is Back!
Open to ages 3-10 yrs.
Contest will run from now until Oct 31st, 2007
Send me your child's photograph name, phone number and email to Email
Please keep photo's small. Nothing over 1MB will be accepted.
600 pixels is perfect. Large files may not get to me.
Absolutely no professional photo's accepted.
Your Child's photo will be placed in a gallery on my website
where they will be voted on. Please do not enter if you do not
wish for your child's photo to be on my site.
Winner will receive a Compimentary Session with location of your choice (travel charge may apply over 30km), and 1 5x7 and a set of wallets.
2nd and 3rd place will receive a certificate towards half off session fee.
A Link to the entries will be added soon.
Good Luck Kids, you will be contacted if you win!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

This Family finally had a beautiful day for their session. The Girls just loooved the tutu's. Here is your sneak peek, I hope you love them!